Building 6042 – a variation to Part 2 included in 7th Heaven Issue No. 43

At the recent Aus7 O Scale Modellers Forum Derek Cullen suggested a more prototypical grouping of lights than that which I proposed in the article. His proposal is easy to implement but it does vary some of the information included in the article. The changes affect Function keys F6 and F7. After implementation the keys will operate as follows:

F6        Smoke-box Door light + Step + Bulkhead lights on/off (Aux4)

F7        Cab lights + Toolbox light (Aux3) (only on when loco is stationary)

The wiring changes are restricted to the Water Tender Main Board. Comparison between the following and the drawing included in the article will show that the lower termination points of two of the wiring links have been changed. The board should be assembled as shown below.

The Mk 2 version of the wiring diagram includes these minor but worthwhile modifications.

Garratt Water Tender Matrix Board V2

Wiring Diagram 6042 Mk2

John R B Parker

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