2016 Minutes

Minutes of Aus 7 Modellers Group

Annual General Meeting Saturday 29th October 2016

ATTENDANCE> Anthony Furniss, Fran Thomas, Brian Thomas, Dave Pallas, David Lord, Chris Lord, Tim Arnott, John O Neil, Ray Rumble, Chris Harris, George Low, Pat Jordan, Michael Holden, Peter Berg, John Parker, Terry Smith, John Lee, Stephen Reynolds, Roger Porter, Michael Chapmen, Ross Verdict, Derrick Cullen, Andrew Macdonald, Paul Chisholm, Barry Sherringham, Bryan Gowthorp, Trevor Hodges, Ted Aubrey, John Parker, Mitchell Lane

Meeting Commenced at 1- 19 pm

Apologies > None

Chairman Trevor Hodges presided.

Minutes of 2015 AGM> Secretary distributed copies of 2015 AGM pre meeting.

Matters arising > none

Moved; A Furniss.  Second; B Thomas > Carried.

President’s Report > T Hodges

Moved; T. Hodges.  Second; D Pallas > carried

Treasurers Report >  Anthony Furniss

Moved;  Anthony Furniss   Second; J Lee > Carried.

Election of Officers:

Retuning Officer John Lee:

President;   Trevor Hodges       Nominated > Fran Thomas

Second > S. Reynolds > Carried.

  1. President; John Parker  Nominated > Pat Jorden

Second > Ray Rumble > Carried


Treasure;     Anthony Furniss     Nominated > T Hodges

Second > J Parker >     Carried.

Secretary; Stephen Reynolds       Nominated > J Parker

Second > Fran Thomas > Carried

Editor;     Paul Chisholm                Nominated > Chris Harris

Second > J Parker >       Carried


General Business

Trevor Hodges spoke if there was an interest/need to start a                           Face book account.

John Parker presented with Auss 7 Modellers Award

Meeting closed at 1-44 pm.