7th Heaven

7th Heaven is published quarterly and mailed to all Aus7 members. It is the only dedicated O-Scale publication in Australia and as such places emphasis on matters of particular interest to this scale including advice on building some of the kits currently available, scratchbuilding, scenery and structures, layout planning and construction and the installation of lights and sound.

Each issue also contains an opinion piece and advertisements and news from the main suppliers to the scale. Members are encouraged to submit articles and photographs for publication.


2 comments on “7th Heaven

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  2. Great production thanks again to Paul for all his hard work, the printing quality of this issue is top rate.
    Whilst my postie tried his best to destroy it, the envelope looked like a dogs breakfast when I found it folded and jammed in into the letter box, the mag due to being printed on such good quality paper was A Ok.
    BTW great artical Paul, on the Dingam coupler links and the cost per Car to install is very reasonable hadn’t even thought of those but they are a good solution to the coupling of a rake of cars I will be looking into as have several sets of cars currently fitted with Kadee’s that I am not happy with the look of between the passanger cars so these may be the solution Thanks


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