The Aus7 Modellers Group Inc is an organisation dedicated to promotion of 7mm and O Scale modelling in Australia. The group is not a club but membership of the group is open to any modeller interested in the scales nominally classed as “O”, either 7mm = 1 foot (1:43.5) or 1/4″ = 1 foot (1:48). The group has an active membership who gather socially, build layouts and run trains, our trains just happen to be a little larger than most. The objectives of the Aus7 Modellers Group Inc are quite straightforward:

1. To promote the hobby of railway modelling.

2. To promote Australian 7mm/O Scale modelling.

3. To disseminate information about 7mm/O Scale modelling.

4. To promote friendship and social interaction via the medium of railway modelling.

A yearly membership fee of $40 (Australia) or $50 (Overseas) includes four issues of the group’s quarterly full colour newsletter, 7th Heaven, the only regular Australian publication devoted exclusively to O Scale modelling.

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